Flip Tip Cap


In addition to making great tasting traditional and innovative condiments, we’ve developed and patented an original “Flip Tip”® cap. Its unique features will enhance your use of our deli condiments.

It can be opened, locked into place for dispersing, and closed all with the use of one hand! The elongated spout allows you to apply our condiments to your favorite dishes with precision.

A retention ring around the circumference of the base portion of the closure allows the hinged Flip Tip® of the closure to lock in an open position. The predetermined 1/4 inch dispensing orifice eliminates the need to cut the spout tip.

To avoid losing the cap and to prevent the cap from becoming a potential choking hazard, the Flip Tip® portion of the cap is physically attached to the base.

The re-sealable Flip Tip® cap preserves the integrity and freshness of our deli condiments!