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Angel Hair Tomato Cups



6 medium sized Tomatoes
¼ Cup Beano’s Classical White Pizza Sauce (more or less to taste)
3 cups Angel Hair Pasta (cooked)
¼ Olives (chopped)


• Boil the angel hair pasta as directed on the box and drain.
• Chop olives to desired size or use canned chopped olives.
• Combine the pasta, olives and Beano’s Classical White Pizza Sauce in a large mixing bowl.
• Slice the tops of the tomatoes off and spoon out the insides to form cups out of the tomatoes.
• Scoop the pasta mixture into the tomato cups.

You can use whichever Beano’s Classical White Pizza Sauce is your favorite for this one! We used the white pizza sauce with Oregano.
Enjoy! Makes 6 tomato cups



1 8oz Container of sour cream
½ Cup of chopped cooked bacon
½ Cup of chopped tomato
1 8oz Bottle of Beano’s Smokey Bacon Sauce
Garnish with cheese, lettuce and a little bit of extra bacon
Chips for dipping


• Mix all ingredients (except garnishes)
• Top with garnishes

Breakfast Quesadilla


2 Tortillas
4 Eggs
2 Tablespoons milk
Salt and pepper to taste
4 Slices of cooked, chopped bacon
½ Cup of shredded cheese (we used Monterey cheddar) split into ¼ cups
Beano’s Roasted Chipotle Sauce

• Break the eggs into a bowl and add the milk, salt and pepper, and ¼ cup of the cheese (you can add less here if you want, the cheese is to help the eggs stay together when you form the quesadilla); whisk together with a fork
• In a small pan, scramble the eggs until cooked completely
• Lightly grease a pan the size of the tortilla or larger and put it on medium heat
• Put one of the tortillas on the lightly greased pan and spread the eggs out
• Sprinkle the bacon on top of the eggs
• Squeeze Beano’s Roasted Chipotle Sauce over the eggs and bacon
• Sprinkle cheese on top of that and put the other tortilla on top
• Let cook until the cheese starts to melt (usually about 3-4 minutes), then carefully flip over
• Cook until the cheese has completely melted and the tortillas are a golden brown
• Cut into quarters and serve

Enjoy! Makes 1-2 servings

Buffalo Mac N Cheese


Box of your favorite white mac n cheese
¼ cup of Beano’s Buffalo Sandwich Sauce (more or less to taste)
Parmesan cheese


• If you would like to brown the parmesan cheese, preheat oven to 375° F
• Prepare the mac n cheese as directed on the box
• Once prepared, add the Beano’s Buffalo Sandwich Sauce and mix well
• Sprinkle parmesan cheese on top and bake until the parmesan cheese starts to brown if you would like

Avocado for Breakfast



1 Avocado
2 Eggs
Cooked bacon to sprinkle on top
Salt and Pepper to taste
Beano’s Southwest Sauce to drizzle on top or for dipping


• Preheat oven to 400° F
• Cut avocado in half and pit
• Crack an egg into each half of the avocado
• Put a little bit of salt and pepper on top
• Bake for 15-20 minutes (until the egg is cooked) in ceramic ramekins
• Pull out and sprinkle the cooked bacon on top
• Either drizzle Beano’s Southwest Sauce over top of your egg or use on the side as a dip

Enjoy! Makes 2 servings